Amazing Body Painting in the Illusion of Colours

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Amazing Body Painting in the Illusion of Colours

Amazing Body Painting

As a sub-type of this art, style called “face painting” appeared, mostly used in the contemporary fashion scene.

Bodies were always painted with various dyes from nature, and it exists in all tribe cultures. In its primitive version, it was an addition to ceremonies, and it is alive in Australia even today, as well as Island and parts of Africa.

Natural colours

The famous hana tattoo was practiced in India and the Middle East, especially during wedding ceremonies. This style became popular in the 1990s among western culture youth.

Tribes in North America traditionally used various magnolia products (achiote, anatto, huito) in order to ornament their faces and bodies.

Contemporary body painting
Actors and clowns throughout the world have painted themselves for centuries and are still doing it today, while a somewhat more humble type developed into today`s cosmetics for the role of everyday life.

It experienced a new “revival” in the western world in 1993 at Worlds Fair in Chicago when Max Factor painted a model with new make-up, intended for the Hollywood stars. The final result was their arrest with charges for disturbing public order and peace.
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