Uruguay Fans Body Paint World Cup

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We have been suffering for four years, as the qualifiers round was incredible - we just made it to the last spot after a play-off against Costa Rica and managed to slip through. Whenever the "celeste" plays the city becomes a ghost-town. No one is out in the street, shops close and all the employees gather around the TV. I watch the matches with my family and my grandparents.

We all sit in exactly the same places every time for good luck and wear the Uruguayan shirt. Of course, we have steak. This is not the first time Uruguay has made it to the quarter-finals, but it is the first time my generation has witnessed it. It's like we don't realise how significant this moment is because we were brought up listening to the stories about Uruguay's greatness at the World Cup (Uruguay won the cup in 1930 and 1950).

Some people trust the team because they have shown they are united, they all fight for the same objective, so we know players will give it their best to achieve it. If you follow Diego Forlan's tweets and videos on YouTube you see how good a group they are.

 I think South American teams are doing well because of the hunger for victory. Also, some of the players are already prominent figures at the European leagues , so they already have experience at playing high-level matches. So they are ready to take on the most important tournament in the world.
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